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C'mon, you all have been DYING for me to do this...admit it...waiting with baited breath...

Reasons why I am against animal sacrifice:

1) Animal sacrifice no longer has the meaning, connotation, or understanding that it once did. It was originally done in ancient times where they didn't have supermarkets and food wasn't as easy to come by. The Mediterranean diet typically is pretty lean on meat so animal sacrifice would've been a huge feast and an especial treat for people who may not necessary get enough food daily. When you can buy a package of beef at your corner supermarket you can't possibly understand what makes an "animal sacrifice". Don't make me quote that song "Common People" by Shatner again, m'kay?

2) I am vegan. Let me repeat that: I am vegan. I don't even eat eggs. Or dairy products. I'm not only against eating meat for myself, I certainly wouldn't be in favor of killing an animal. Not to mention the complete hypocricy of sacrificing something to the gods that which I would not partake of myself.

3) I am with the Orphics: the idea of spilling blood on gods' sacred altars is abhorrent to the point of being blasphemous in my eyes.

And now...the "Why I'm against animal sacrifice" FAQ!

Q: Will you tell people not to partake of animal sacrifice?
A: I'd advise against it, yes, but I'm not about to harass people or beat them over the head with it, either. If people are willing to eat meat and kill it with their own bare hands, I'm not going to be one of those types who douses their fur coats with paint and shuns them at every turn--at least they aren't being hypocritical and ignoring the fact that every time they eat meat, an animal's life was given so that they could eat. I like the Native American sentiment on this, actually, but it's really not the common opinion or thought. I actually find it way more hypocritical to be against animal sacrifice AND eat meat.

Q: Are you against people eating meat?
A: No, I am well aware that some people have ridiculous dietary restrictions (like yours truly, which is why I initially wound up going vegan to begin with) which prevents them from eating anything other than heavy food (like people who have severe IBD, etc) or having to live on a lo-carb diet (try being vegan and lo-carb, I dare you...I try but it's pretty damned hard). I also am well aware of what a PITA it is for people to tell ME how to eat, so I'm not going to lecture people on their dietary habits.

Q: Will you go to a Hellenic festival where you know an act of animal sacrifice will take place? Not just an offering of meat purchased at a store, but a real killing of an animal in honor of the gods?
A: No, and you can't entice me by offering "vegetarian options" for food there, either. Not a single vegetarian I know of would support the killing of an animal, let alone a vegan.

Q: Are you sure that you wouldn't want to support your fellow Hellenists by going to the festival anyway?
A: No, I am quite sure and while we're at it, if it's so important to kill animals in order to be "reconstructionist" why don't you go REALLY hardcore and start shoving people off of cliffs for the Thargelia??

Q: *gasp* But that would be MURDER!
A: So is the killing of an animal. NEXT!

Q: Suppose we dress up the animal to look like a piece of celery, then kill it?
A: It's still an animal in a celery costume!!

Q: Suppose we take a piece of celery and draw a face on it, would you still eat it?
A: Yes because celery is a VEGETABLE!

Q: What if the vegetable cries out in pain?


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