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There is a threat afoot by a far more vicious and sinister enemy than bad slash!fic disguised as satire, and that is... The Neopagan Agenda!

That's right, folks! The Neopagan Agenda is a threat to us all. Those Neopagans are stealing our words, our gods, our practices, and worse yet, our very SOULS!

The Neopagan Agenda is insidious and subtle. First they'll post to our forums demanding to be let into our sacred spheres of Pure Reconstructionism™. Then they demand to be recognized as HELLENISTS! What gall! What utter, utter gal! Those granola-humping, tree-hugging, solstice-honoring, magick-practicing HIPPIES have NO RIGHT TO WORSHIP THE GREEK GODS!!!!!!111

I've had enough of their Agenda--and you should, too! I hear that they're organizing en masse to steal our beloved Hellenismos from us and are forming a coalition. For what purpose? So that others will actually BELIEVE that good, pious Hellenists would actually create religious practices beyond the texts of such noble and esteemed academics such as Burkert, Dodds, and Otto and have gone as far as to READ THE WORKS OF THE ANCIENTS! That's right, they're poisoning their minds and others with Plutarch, Herodotus, and and Plato! What's next, using another calendar besides the ancient Athenian one?

The Neopagan Agenda is a miasma to our community! It is impious and un-Hellenic!

This message was brought to you by People Who Do Not Suck And Hate Granola And Cut Down Trees And Kill Small Furry Animals To Honor the Gods.
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No new things for Hellenists! The ancients found them scary and therefore so must we. After all we should model ourselves after them in order to be good Hellenists and not incur the wrath of the gods!

No more Livejournal, emailing lists, or computers for us. Or you're not a real reconstructionist. And you risk the wrath of the gods.

Just remember to say NO to the wrath of the gods! Ban all new things!!
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Courtesy of [ profile] ravendreamer, I give you...the Hellenic community in VB.NET!

do until EndOfTime=true
Neopagan.Assert(not Culture=Worship)

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I'm bored of the 5,000 other Hellenic lists I'm on, and I'm frankly jealous that so many people are out there doing really good stuff and receiving credit where credit is due.

I know! I'll start Hellenic list #5,001 to talk about how wonderful they are so people will talk about how wonderful I am for doing so! That way I won't feel left out!



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