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I know that y'all love my rants better than popcorn chicken. Just admit it.

Actually, the very last time I had popcorn chicken was when I had mono. That was when I was in bed all day and had NO appetite so if I craved anything that day, I ate it and that was my day's worth of food. This was also a few years before I realized that animal protein forces my body to commit sepuku and hence had to give it up in all of its forms.

But I digress.

I've been in the Hellenic community for nearly a decade now. I know of a few people around who have a strangely myoptic view of the events that occurred then, enough to credit me with the founding of said community. I can take credit for starting HellenicPagan and helping to start Hellenion but really that's about it. I couldn't do jack shit without the aid of other people.

Hence where this rant comes in. I can't do jack shit without other people. I am not the Hellenic equivalent of Jesus Christ who will swoop in, miraculously get shit done and solve everyone's problems by getting myself nailed to a few pieces of wood. When I ask for people's help, I do it with the expectation that they will either say "Yes I can" or "No I can't" or "I can do it, if..." Either way, I expect a response. I expect people to be adult about it. I also expect if they express a strong opinion, they give reasons for it versus "Well I just don't wanna" or insulting other people out the door without giving clear reasons for their insult other than whatever medication they're on that week.

Do not bitch about how this community does nothing but emailing lists and websites, and then turn around and tell me that your answer to a poll is "fuck it" because you don't have the balls to back up an opinion on a vote to actually fucking DO SOMETHING. Anyone in this community knows me this well: I don't give two shits and a fuck if you disagree with me. Or a single shit or a fuck. Just tell me why and have the balls to at least tell me you disagree. That's really all I ask. I don't want yes men, I don't want "I follow Kyrene the Almighty Leader Ommmmm" men; I just want people who can THINK and express why they think that they do. I can't be swayed otherwise and I certainly won't be convinced by "I just think it, like, freaks me out, man."

I do not ask for the world. I do not ask for people to agree with me. I do not WANT people to agree with me all of the time, pretend to agree, or try to kiss my ass repeatedly. I do not ask for people to STFU, nod and smile. I want people to come in, challenge what I think, and give me good reasons for doing so. Only then can I learn from you, you learn from me, and we actually accomplish something other than a bunch of emails back and forth on a stupid emailing list. I can't figure out wtf you want if you don't tell me what you want or why you want it. Nor can I help to direct a failing attempt at an organization if all you do is keep silent except to express your noncommital disagreement to moving forward without providing a reason as to why.

This is an issue which has been going on for as long as I've been in the community. Nothing's changed except the issues and the players. I'm frustrated because I can't get people to hear what I'm saying, and I'm also annoyed that people take it personally that I expect them to think and express what they think and instead take it as a personal attack on them disagreeing when all it is, is my expressing my frustration that they won't give me reasons as to why other than bullshit like they don't feel like it or whatever. In the meantime, they create blockades around getting shit done that shouldn't have blockades around them.

What this community needs is an enema and a backbone. In that order.

End rant. For now.


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