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I dreamt about Delphi again last night. I'm not sure what brought it on except that this is the most amount of times I've dreamt about this place in a given period of time.

I don't really know what it means and I'm not sure of its significance beyond various things I was "given" in the dream. One theme that keeps getting repeated over and over again is the concept of the place as a spirit or daimon living on in other people and places that it may not truly be lost to time. Given my last communion with Apollo went something along those lines I guess this would make sense.

This seems like a very simple message on the surface but has overreaching complications for others. I've frankly had more than one dream missive from Apollo telling me that reconstructionism was a waste of time and energy and ultimately was more destructive to those ancient practices than positive due to the sheer quantity of misinformation and misunderstanding brought about by modern mentality and needs that whatever it used to mean would be lost forever. I'm going to have to dig up the original dream and post it here, but it was some years ago, and in it I was approached by a wolf on my way to Delphi who showed me people taking apart old stones from old temples and using them to make warships. Not only were the remains of the old temples being lost to these ships they stood the chance at being destroyed forever and lost to time due to the battles that would ultimately be fought by these very ships.

Given how much IMHO the Greek reconstructionist community has gone astray this dream seems to be right on target and I only wish that I had determined its meaning sooner. I would've run away from reconstructionism a lot faster than I had.

It's interesting how I look to the Celtic, Asatru, and other recon communities and they seem to have it more together than we do. Not without a share of battles and arguments, but they look like they're accomplishing more--probably because they have much less to work with than us and aren't demanding everything be purely ancient or they wouldn't have anything to work with!

Maybe I'm looking at them with rose glasses, but perhaps we could take a page or two from them somehow.
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People are apparently preferring to raise a stink over the ULC thing versus my new name.

I love it!

When I get home I'm going to look into Cherry Hill Seminary for priesthood training. I've heard of them and seen their stuff for years but haven't been able to do anything with them--and they seem to be pretty reputable. If I wait for Hellenic training like everyone else is (and I did) it'll be ages before I can accomplish anything worthwhile.

So, fuck it. Doing it all on my own and bulldozing through.
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Are there any clergy training courses out there? If not correspondence then local to Boston? I'd obviously be looking for something of the generic Pagan variety.


Jan. 2nd, 2007 06:25 pm
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I'm officially ordained by the ULC as of 1/1/07 and finally tweaked this page:

I like the idea of people donating to charities in His name versus paying me money. If they cheat the god, it's on their conscience.
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Of course, it's the one name I've been holding back on because of all of the recons it'd piss off. Which may be just the reason to do it. ;)


There have been thousands over the centuries, sometimes three at a time. And it's strongly associated with Apollo.

Why not?

New name.

Jan. 2nd, 2007 01:55 pm
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I need a new name to be known under for the divination servies that I will be providing. I've long left Kyrene behind and I can't go under my real name--I need a certain amount of protection from that given the sort of companies I work for. Myste Epoptes is great but not pronouncable. Bluerose just isn't in the least bit appropriate.

Not sure what to do. :/
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Say you had a dream in which you were instructed by the gods to build an oracle. How would you do it?

Let's assume you didn't take any funny pills and you're pretty sure that based on various other details that the dream is legit and get that question out of the way. How would one go about building an oracle in this day and age?

Come on, put on your thinking caps! :D


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