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You're so vain!

You probably think this post is about you, you're so vaaiiinnn....

You probably think this post is about you, don't you, don't you....


Jul. 31st, 2008 10:57 am
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How did I manage to get sucked into the whole "is magick Hellenic" conversations yet again?

Is it because tonight is the dark moon? Because we have an eclipse soon? Because clearly I'm not being entertained enough on other emailing lists? I can has a more amusing Intarwebs, y/y?

Maybe it's the mystique, the sheer art of it all, the je ne sais quoi, the whole question of whether or not magick is de rigeur in Hellenismos or perhaps it's that whole "Omgs! I don't want to be lumped in with the neo-pagans/Wiccans/witches/uncool-kids-who-sit-in-the-front-of-the-bus!!!!!111eleventy-one" crap which I find to be so embarrassingly passé.

I'd make paper airplanes loaded with spitballs and fire them away at these people, but I really don't want to get after-school detention.

So, um, about those um, Greek gods. Um, yeah. They're like wicked cool an' stuff. Yeah.
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Dear Pixelated Looney-Toon,

No, I will not worship you in your self-created hero cult. I'm too busy worshipping Apollo by drinking bay leaf tea while performing tarot readings in his honor--on a four legged chair, no less. Or sometimes while seated on a floor with NO CHASM BENEATH ME. This makes me ineligible to worship you, and leaves me rather thankful at that. The day I will worship a human being is the day I leave Hellenism for Catholicism, sell my house and all of my possessions, and quit my job to join the circus. I'd much rather stick to my AIM nicks like "Pythia777" so people like you can rant about how you won't let me join your self-created hero cult so I can worship you and make statues in your honor and offerings and shit. Because clearly *I'M* the crazy one for performing tarot readings and worshipping gods instead of people and for not starting hero cults for myself.

Yes, crazy! Batshit! I am a LUUUUUNATIC! %-) O_o :-O


Nothing but pure purple prose and passionately poignant agape for you,
Kyrene "Pythia777" Ariadne

PS The tarot cards have DRAGONS on them. You know, winged serpents.
PPS I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry.
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Greek pagans in Greece honor the solstice on behalf of Apollo

Here, let me sneak in one of my usual rants in here... why the fuck are some people WHINING about this? "Waa, they're not doing it the way I want it to be done/believe it should be done/the way it was done in ancient times!" Hello, can we have a LITTLE bit of perspective here?? Our gods are still being worshipped IN GREECE IN THE MODERN DAY! Just a short time ago this was ILLEGAL. Right now, they still have an uphill battle with public opinion and the Greek Orthodox Church. I am sure that they can get fired from their jobs and lose their families for participating in said ritual. I'm sure that many of them being Greek themselves are more concerned with honoring the gods than doing it "right". Probably their way of "right" is just honoring the gods however way they can--and want to, for that matter.

And ya know what? That sounds pretty sane to me. I see nothing wrong in their rituals; they're not claiming Apollo is a space alien or asking him to bless crystals on their necklaces or anything so outlandish that it would neither make sense nor make them look vaguely sane.

Perspective, people. Let's just be happy about the positive press and that our fellow brethren in Greece are worshipping the gods instead of nitpicking on the little details. I know that we as a community have grown WAY too used to nitpicking; putting these sort of rituals on display is like writing essays and having a bunch of English majors read them. I think it's a habit we can stand to break.

I think I need to revive that community [ profile] sanegreekrecons. Really.
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My reply to her latest email to me, which continues to call me a liar and claims that my contact info has been sent to Drew:


I'm cc'ing the two others who have sent me your emails, as I'm done
with the secrecy bullshit behind my back.

Julia, you have been welcome for the past TWO YEARS to come by and
take those books, and you never once bothered. Two years is a more
than reasonable length of time, and when you didn't contact me about
them since August 22, 2005 (yes that was the last email exchange about
them), I had assumed that you had lost interest. Now you're
attempting to take them by force by pretending that I have denied your
request. I have ALL of the emails saved of our exchange, with
timestamps, and how I said "Yes, please, take them off my hands!
It'll be more space for me." I can send them to anyone who wishes to
see them for precisely what had occurred two years ago, as now
suddenly I'm an "oathbreaker" and a "liar".

Drew has two weeks to contact me to let me know that he has either
changed his mind about their destination (that they were meant for the
organization Hellenion and not the Demos itself), or I have somehow
misinterpreted his request, or I will be donating all of the books to
a used bookstore. Two weeks at this point after waiting *two years*
for you, Julia, is a more than reasonable length of time. If you are
really in contact with him, please let him know this. Feel free to
pass that information along to the Prutaneis as well, since they are
so concerned about this situation.

I am posting this publically because at this point, I have absolutely nothing to hide, and I'm done with her sneaking around with her cowardly threats behind my back. Drew has two weeks to contact me. If he's truly been in touch with her, I welcome renewing our contact as well as showing him all of the emails that took place in '05 in regards to this whole bullshit situation.
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My reply to Julia's bullshit. If you're really sick of this drama already, feel free to skip.

my email... )
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Understanding is a three edged sword. Your side, their side and the truth."
- Sheridan in Babylon 5

Fact: Drew Campbell gave me a ton of crates containing books as a donation to start a Demos library back in 2003.

Fact: I was the keeper of said library until the Demos' dissolution back in 2005, and the books have remained and continue to be in my possession.

Fact: I was contacted by a former member of the then-and-now defunct Demos asking to have some of the books.

Fact: I replied in return that I was in the process of moving and since I don't have enough space for all of them as far as shelving, they were welcome to pick up a box or two for themselves if they so desired.

Fact: Said individual never came.

Fact: People whom I knew produced emails from said individual which were essentially stabbing me in the back and talking negatively about me without bringing it to me personally.

Fact: I quietly dissolved contact with said individual, figuring that it was that person's loss anyway.

Fact: Almost two years later, said individual is now running around behind my back claiming that I "stole" the books, is calling me an oathbreaker, has invoked Themis against me and is claiming that she will have me arrested.

Fact: This person is a former President of Hellenion.

Fact: I have not received one email from this individual this whole time, and have heard about all of these accusations from the forwarded emails which have been received by me from people whom I know both online and off, swearing all sorts of legalities against me for not giving to her books which a) she has no legal claim over and b) were meant to be gifts to begin with.

Fact: I am sick to death of histrionic sycophants masquerading as good people in this community. You want the books, Julia? You contact me personally so I can tell you off face to face about what a two-faced scumbag you are. But as always, you never have the guts for confrontation. You are all talk, you with your accusations of "oathbreaking." By Apollo, I have sworn no oaths to you, sweetheart. I have, however, sworn an oath to be virtuous and compassionate at all times. I can easily turn around and sue you for character defamation, but I won't. I am a bigger person than that.

Edit: It gets better. According to her, Hellenion AND Drew will be sending me a letter with the legal threat enclosed.
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You're so vain,
You probably think this post is about you,
You're so vain,
You probably think this post is about you, don't you, don't you?


Mar. 14th, 2007 09:12 am
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If my LJ offends you so much, why do you read it?

If my opinions bother you so much, may I ask why they matter so much to you? Do they really hold that much weight in your worldview?

If you dislike me as much as you claim, then my opinions wouldn't be worth monkey dung.

It's very simple: if you don't like what I say, stop reading. I'm obviously not going to stop stating my opinion anytime soon, and so maybe it's best that you find a better hobby. Perhaps take up knitting or whatever.

It's worth noting that I have never given a damn what people think of me, nor do I plan to start anytime soon. I especially don't give a damn of people's opinions when the people in question do not have my respect.

Stuff maybe you should meditate on, perhaps.

Note: this obviously doesn't apply to anyone on my friends list.
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*headdesk headdesk headdesk headdesk*


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This is my LJ.

These are my opinions.

If you don't like it, you can do the following:

1) Delete my messages on the list as opposed to replying with the usual histrionic "OMGS! How can you believe xyz oh nooooess!!!111" with subsequent personal attacks, childishness, and general bullshit the likes of which I thought I left behind when I graduated high school,


2) You can, like, not read my LJ,


3) BOTH!

It's really quite simple.



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