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It's official. I'll be giving a presentation at Pagan Pride Day with Brontosproximo and Jessi on Hercules Invictus.

The event's in eastern MA.
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It's funny. Most of people who run around screaming negative stuff about HI actually have NO clue what we're about.

- They don't know we have ordained priests in the faith who perform weddings and religious ceremonies
- They don't know we have local groups who gather together for ceremonies, libations, and various events
- They have no clue that we do charitable acts in the name of the gods
- They have no idea that we have various orders devoted to specific gods, their worship, and mystical and spiritual practices surrounding them
- They have zero clue that we have outreach programs running and in the works
- They don't know that we engage in fitness programs keeping arete in mind (Olympics, anyone?)
- They have no idea that we're recognized by state and federal governments as a legitimate religious organization.

In short...they don't really know anything. :)

But that's okay. HI and Spira are the only Hellenic orgs I respect these days. The rest I feel either indifference for, or contempt.

I just don't have the time to spend arguing on the Internet and acting as PR in the Hellenic community for Everyone Who Actually Does Shit. In truth, I'm too busy Doing Shit.

What a concept. :)

Consider this post to be the only time I'll comment on this, and I'll just link to it whenever someone else decides to leave anonymous posts in my LJ whining about this or that. I'll even add it to memories.
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HellenicPagan started out as a generic place for ALL people who worship the Greek gods--and even people who worshipped Roman gods were welcome too. It was never a "strictly recon" place and for people who wanted that, I started Hellenismos-L.

I don't like the idea of using the term Hellenismos to mean "recon Hellenic religion". You can practice Hellenic religion without being recon. In fact, I'm in favor of ditching the label altogether. We don't NEED to reconstruct anything anymore--we have all of the information we need to start actually worshipping right here and right now without having to constantly check musty old academic texts written by Christians attempting to interpret pagan rituals through Christian eyes and paradigms.

I don't recall the last time I called myself a recon. When I first began in such practices, it was to build a foundation for practice. The foundation is already there. We can stop pretending we still don't know enough to practice our own faith. Everything we have is right here.

I like HI because we're not only doing mystical stuff but we're also doing practical stuff right in the real world. THIS is where practice becomes reality: when your practices are indistinguishable from your day to day life. It just becomes a part of who you are throughout your day.

End semi rant. :)
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I have nothing new to report, except that the majority of my encounters with Greek deities these days in regards to life's influences and all that appear to be mostly Hermes and Hekate these days. I REALLY like Hekate. I need to spend more time communing with her.

I've also been involved in a number of small to medium local HI events, including a very well done wedding performed by one of our members. It's nice to hang out with people and do Greek stuff from time to time. I only wish I could get over my desire to be solitary. I think that dealing with Hellenic drama for 10+ years completely burnt me out on Hellenic orgs, groups, and what-have-you.

My wish list for the community these days? For some of them to gain the ability to laugh at themselves and not take either themselves or their faith too seriously. I think that they would be able to relax more and enjoy their faith better before they burn out as badly as I did. I think certain individuals are long overdue to lose their minds, crash, or convert to xyz religion.

(PS Yes, I have a sense of humor about myself... and thank the gods for it. It prevents me from caving into that mentality which craves greater creativity and imagination... )

I also feel VERY badly for the people who continue to angst over their connection to this god, that pantheon, this aspect of the religion--all the while getting drawn towards it while kicking and screaming. Why do you hate an aspect of yourself so much as to give yourself much undeserved drama?

This is why I abandoned dogma ages ago--it kills my soul. :P And I've seen what it does to others, and it's never positive. Anyhow, I've long felt that while Apollo's motto is "know thyself" and Dionysos is clearly "be thyself" I think Hermes' is "understand thyself".

Meanwhile, I am WAY overdue on my Order of Hekate of HI homework and Spira stuff. The job search and change took a lot out of me, and an entire month has come and gone. I've gotten NO book edits done. I have, however, done quite a bit on getting back into a nice health program for myself, including eating better and doing yoga almost daily--plus have been meditating every night which is wonderful.

Today I run off to VT to a funeral which is being held early tomorrow morning. It's not going to be fun and I think there'll be a lot of drinking afterwards. But I'm Irish and it needs to be done.
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From [ profile] brontosproximo:

Good day all. This note is an informal invitation for those
interested in joining the Order of Ares.

The Order of Ares shall be devoted to understanding the nature of
conflict and development of warriors.

The purpose of the Order is not to encourage or glorify war, but
develop and honor warriors.

The Order of Ares is open to
-students of any martial art studying with an accredited teacher
-veterans of any country
-active service members of any country.
-counseling professionals

Please email me directly for more details or to request an exception
to the prerequisites.
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I've created private lists versus using the public lists--although I think it'd be great to use the public lists in order to find people interested in the groups.

If you are still interested, please email me and I'll send you an invite: pythia.hiereia (at) gmail (dot) com
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As part of Hercules Invictus, I'm in the process of starting up separate Orders of Apollo and Dionysos. I'm currently still working on the framework and ideas for starting out, but essentially it'll be for all types of devotees with optional subsets involving the gods' mysteries.

Each Order will initially focus on the worship and experience of the god through examining things such as Homeric and Orphic hymns, experimenting with various rituals to the god, and performing good deeds on behalf of each deity. Of course each Order will have different things to offer that are specific to the god, and in the end it'll be something of a combination study/ritual/worship group.

The idea will be that people who contribute to the Order can go on to experience the Mysteries if they so desire, or assist in developing further the curriculum and requirements for each Order. Either way only those who contribute will be counted among our ranks. I will not be requiring people to write books or get PhDs, but I will note if people join and sit around doing nothing while taking credit for just being in the organization.

If you have any interest in the above for either or both gods, please let me know either here or via email.

Edit: I'll be using the following public lists for each of the Orders until the first initiates for each have gone through the first stage:

Once there are people who have gone through the first stage, I'll create a separate emailing list for each and will continue the first stage on these lists for anyone who is interested who wasn't able to do it before or wasn't on the list prior.


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