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I'm alive, really. Finally wrapped up my project from hell at work plus my manuscript for publication (nothing Greek religion related, sorry... but the main char is a devotee of Apollo lol). Then there was that twenty page paper I had to write for some Golden Dawn work I'm doing....

I performed a libation for Apollo this weekend on behalf of the summer solstice which was lovely. Also got to do a nice ritual with other members of the Order of Ares.

I also prayed to Dionysos this weekend regarding some personal issues. This had interesting results. I need to rephrase my request to him tonight before my life gets any more interesting.

And gods know... my life's already interesting enough. :/
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As part of Hercules Invictus, I'm in the process of starting up separate Orders of Apollo and Dionysos. I'm currently still working on the framework and ideas for starting out, but essentially it'll be for all types of devotees with optional subsets involving the gods' mysteries.

Each Order will initially focus on the worship and experience of the god through examining things such as Homeric and Orphic hymns, experimenting with various rituals to the god, and performing good deeds on behalf of each deity. Of course each Order will have different things to offer that are specific to the god, and in the end it'll be something of a combination study/ritual/worship group.

The idea will be that people who contribute to the Order can go on to experience the Mysteries if they so desire, or assist in developing further the curriculum and requirements for each Order. Either way only those who contribute will be counted among our ranks. I will not be requiring people to write books or get PhDs, but I will note if people join and sit around doing nothing while taking credit for just being in the organization.

If you have any interest in the above for either or both gods, please let me know either here or via email.

Edit: I'll be using the following public lists for each of the Orders until the first initiates for each have gone through the first stage:

Once there are people who have gone through the first stage, I'll create a separate emailing list for each and will continue the first stage on these lists for anyone who is interested who wasn't able to do it before or wasn't on the list prior.
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People have been wanting me to post about what the heck I've been doing these days (that and wanting to see less rants, I'm sure ;>), so....

These days I've gotten back into my Tai Chi and yoga classes plus exercising on my eliptical. Eventually I'll work meditation into that, as I've been really wanting to do more than a few minutes each week. I used to do this sort of thing for 30 minutes before bedtime. I can't help but think I could spend less time online and more time actually doing that.

Those are my "Apollo" activities. For my "Dionysos" activity, I plan to eventually do something which I swore I wouldn't do, and make up my own damned mind afterwards. He has a lovely way of getting you to never say never. We'll see. For other activities, there's going out to goth clubs, doing trance work, and whatever he has planned for me this particular second.

For Hermes, well...I have my continuous Golden Dawn work. :)

Overall my schedule's been crowded with work from home crap. Very much looking forward to that being over.

Right now I'm reading Charles Stein's "Persephone Unveiled" and it's an excellent read. I may be converted to the whole Dionysos=Hades thing yet. We'll see.
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May Dionysos guide us through the winter months and remind us often to not take ourselves or life too seriously--and at the same time, appreciate the beauty and ecstacy that is in living and inherent in the worship of our gods.

May the Lord of Initiation bring us through our trials with grace, never forgetting that the gods never give to us what we cannot handle and what wouldn't make our lives better in the long run.

May he remind us that like the seasons in their cycle, we never really die, just...cycle. :)
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I'll be honest--after my local Hellenic group exploded and I spent time recovering from the hell I went through being subjected to all of their shit, I stopped celebrating the Hellenic holidays. I put up an olive branch last year on my door--I think during the Pusnepsia for the eiresone--but that was essentially it. I've done my usual offerings and libations and what-not throughout the year, but the only real festivals I've done so far have been a solitary New Moon ritual for Hekate, a Thelemic version of the Samhain festival, the equinoxes, and a Festival of Hekate.

Hekate's REALLY been present these days--glad she's got an altar by the door of my bedroom now. :)

I'm not even certain what I would celebrate if I did. There are very few Athenian festivals that grab me: Anthesteria, Thargelia, Rural Dionysia maybe. I like the idea of honoring secular holidays and the solistices and equinoxes in a Hellenic fashion--I really don't want to create my own holidays out of thin air, and I think aspects of the Pagan wheel of the year make sense to me. At the very least I think that the solistices and equinoxes speak to me. The changing of the seasons always affects me on some profound level.

Festivals came about due to local customs and actual meaning, and were localized to a particular city or town. The winter time has always meant Dionysos to me, while the summer has always meant Apollo. The equinoxes have always made me think of Demeter and Persephone. So perhaps those would be good places to begin. New moons for Hekate, Samhain for Persephone and other chthonic deities, Beltaine for Aphrodite. I think full moons would be a great time to honor Artemis and/or Diana.

Cycles of nature are timeless, and I need Dionysos to keep me warm during the cold New England winters. Brr.


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