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I took a trip down memory lane. I no longer post to this LJ for a variety of reasons, but from time to time I contemplate reviving it:

This post outlines very clearly why I left, and why I would not put it past the current leadership to send me a nasty letter over a bunch of books. :/

There's so much shit I should make public about what I know that went down in the leadership that it's not even funny, and none of it particularly good. It's certainly not the org I founded years ago, not by a long shot. :( And I have yet to hear any encouraging news that it's improved by any stretch of the imagination.

People have asked me since to start up a new organization, and I've been working on Dadoukhoi--albeit in a much different vein, working with the idea of a group that exists to provide and share resources to start off with. Given how long it's taken for us to do just that, I have my extreme doubts about forming anything like another Hellenic org anytime soon. All I'll say is this: if the gods want me to, I'll do so. But I think they have other plans for me these days.

Besides, given how I was treated during and after, would I want to? Dear gods.
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Apparently there are people in the community who believe that this site is only managed by one or two individuals and only what THEY want to put up there and promote. This is why, obviously, the site has been dormant for so long.

The site was meant as a resource for EVERYONE to contribute to. You have a resource that's not up there? Put it up! A link, a book, anything! It's not a political site, it's not affiliated with any org, and the whole purpose of Dadoukhoi is to be a non-affiliated group open to ALL organizations, ALL types of Hellenists, et cetera.

Here's the link:


Dec. 21st, 2006 01:27 pm
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We created a public list waaayyyyy too soon.

And of course people are so desperate for STUFF that they'll go running screaming towards it.

And some will think that because we're discussing ideas and getting feedback that means that they're part of the decision making process.

This could get bad.

I'm glad shit is happening, don't get me wrong, but I'm already seeing talking in circles and people COMPLETELY missing the point of what we're trying to do. The temptation to kick everyone off the public list and call it "closed" until we're done is more than a little overwhelming right now, but the feedback is good regardles and we got to see this through.


Dec. 13th, 2006 06:26 pm
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By the gods, stuff is HAPPENING. We are currently discussing the formation of Dadoukhoi as a coalition, if you will, between everyone and anyone who worships the Greek gods.

I am posting this here in the hopes that people who are interested in this sort of thing and have their own $0.02 worth to toss into the conversation will sign up for the list and chat with us. We will be open to anyone from the strictest traditionalist to the most liberal Pagan or Wiccan.

The key is the gods, not the religion. Regardless of your "hard" or "soft"ness of polytheism and if you're syncretic or not the group will be open for everyone. The point is to unite people, not divide them, and provide resources to people looking to celebrate and honor the Greek gods.


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