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John Keats - "Hymn To Apollo"

God of the golden bow,
And of the golden lyre,
And of the golden hair,
And of the golden fire,
Of the patient year,
Where---where slept thine ire,
When like a blank idiot I put on thy wreath,
Thy laurel, thy glory,
The light of thy story,
Or was I a worm---too low crawling for death?
O Delphic Apollo!

The Thunderer grasp'd and grasp'd,
The Thunderer frown'd and frown'd;
The eagle's feathery mane
For wrath became stiffen'd---the sound
Of breeding thunder
Went drowsily under,
Muttering to be unbound.
O why didst thou pity, and beg for a worm?
Why touch thy soft lute
Till the thunder was mute,
Why was I not crush'd---such a pitiful germ?
O Delphic Apollo!

The Pleiades were up,
Watching the silent air;
The seeds and roots in Earth
Were swelling for summer fare;
The Ocean, its neighbour,
Was at his old labour,
When, who---who did dare
To tie for a moment, thy plant round his brow,
And grin and look proudly,
And blaspheme so loudly,
And live for that honour, to stoop to thee now?
O Delphic Apollo!
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Transcript for those who can't see the image:

Female pagan says to the male pagan: "Could you please keep the music down when I'm meditating...'s weird when Mariah Carey's voice comes from Apollo's mouth."
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Dear Pixelated Looney-Toon,

No, I will not worship you in your self-created hero cult. I'm too busy worshipping Apollo by drinking bay leaf tea while performing tarot readings in his honor--on a four legged chair, no less. Or sometimes while seated on a floor with NO CHASM BENEATH ME. This makes me ineligible to worship you, and leaves me rather thankful at that. The day I will worship a human being is the day I leave Hellenism for Catholicism, sell my house and all of my possessions, and quit my job to join the circus. I'd much rather stick to my AIM nicks like "Pythia777" so people like you can rant about how you won't let me join your self-created hero cult so I can worship you and make statues in your honor and offerings and shit. Because clearly *I'M* the crazy one for performing tarot readings and worshipping gods instead of people and for not starting hero cults for myself.

Yes, crazy! Batshit! I am a LUUUUUNATIC! %-) O_o :-O


Nothing but pure purple prose and passionately poignant agape for you,
Kyrene "Pythia777" Ariadne

PS The tarot cards have DRAGONS on them. You know, winged serpents.
PPS I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry.
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Every once in a while I get the mad, insane urge to create a modern day Hellenic mystical tradition. I think of how, given my background in studying and/or practicing in various modern day mystery schools and mystical practices, this could be doable. Could lead to things like Hellenic mystery schools down the road, even.

Then I remember the following:

1) Me creating such a trad alone is a recipe for disaster
2) Me creating ANYTHING in the Hellenic community is just asking to rebuild the pedestal and crank it up a few feet
3) Me with my schedule and life probably wouldn't have as much time to this as I would like

#3 would be solved by #1. #2 is inevitable. I can't sneeze without #2 happening.

I have ideas for a mystical tradition for Apollo. It involves a syncretic approach and is flexible in regards to training. It goes something like this: the goal would be union with an ideal, namely that of balance. How does one achieve that balance and where would that balance be reflected? Well, there's mind-body balance, energy balance, balance between yourself and the world around you, et cetera.

Here are the spheres along with suggested ideas for implementing each:

Mind-body: exercise programs, yoga, certain forms of meditation
Energy balance: Tai Chi, Reiki
Balance between yourself and the world around you: meditation, contemplation--specifically what they call "contemplative prayer"

Add in a healthy dose of Pythgorean and Neoplatonic philosophy and I think we have something here.

This is all shit I'm thinking about creating and implementing within the Inner Circle of the Order of Apollo. The more *original* practices such as various rituals, forms of meditation, et cetera we can come up with over the long run, the better. The idea is to learn what works in the spirit of attaining what we want and then as time goes on, be able to tailor it more specifically towards Apollo--and of course, be able to have something concrete to teach others.

Some practices, however, stand perfectly fine on their own. There is utterly no reason to create a "Hellenic" version of Tai Chi. Tai Chi is Tai Chi, period. I can see, however, eventually starting up an energy healing tradition devoted specifically towards consecrating yourself as a healer of Apollo and attuning yourself to that energy.

Things like this are why I am dangerous and need to stick to just writing vampire pr0n.
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Greek pagans in Greece honor the solstice on behalf of Apollo

Here, let me sneak in one of my usual rants in here... why the fuck are some people WHINING about this? "Waa, they're not doing it the way I want it to be done/believe it should be done/the way it was done in ancient times!" Hello, can we have a LITTLE bit of perspective here?? Our gods are still being worshipped IN GREECE IN THE MODERN DAY! Just a short time ago this was ILLEGAL. Right now, they still have an uphill battle with public opinion and the Greek Orthodox Church. I am sure that they can get fired from their jobs and lose their families for participating in said ritual. I'm sure that many of them being Greek themselves are more concerned with honoring the gods than doing it "right". Probably their way of "right" is just honoring the gods however way they can--and want to, for that matter.

And ya know what? That sounds pretty sane to me. I see nothing wrong in their rituals; they're not claiming Apollo is a space alien or asking him to bless crystals on their necklaces or anything so outlandish that it would neither make sense nor make them look vaguely sane.

Perspective, people. Let's just be happy about the positive press and that our fellow brethren in Greece are worshipping the gods instead of nitpicking on the little details. I know that we as a community have grown WAY too used to nitpicking; putting these sort of rituals on display is like writing essays and having a bunch of English majors read them. I think it's a habit we can stand to break.

I think I need to revive that community [ profile] sanegreekrecons. Really.
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I'm alive, really. Finally wrapped up my project from hell at work plus my manuscript for publication (nothing Greek religion related, sorry... but the main char is a devotee of Apollo lol). Then there was that twenty page paper I had to write for some Golden Dawn work I'm doing....

I performed a libation for Apollo this weekend on behalf of the summer solstice which was lovely. Also got to do a nice ritual with other members of the Order of Ares.

I also prayed to Dionysos this weekend regarding some personal issues. This had interesting results. I need to rephrase my request to him tonight before my life gets any more interesting.

And gods know... my life's already interesting enough. :/
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I guess Apollo hacked into my WoW tonight:

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As part of Hercules Invictus, I'm in the process of starting up separate Orders of Apollo and Dionysos. I'm currently still working on the framework and ideas for starting out, but essentially it'll be for all types of devotees with optional subsets involving the gods' mysteries.

Each Order will initially focus on the worship and experience of the god through examining things such as Homeric and Orphic hymns, experimenting with various rituals to the god, and performing good deeds on behalf of each deity. Of course each Order will have different things to offer that are specific to the god, and in the end it'll be something of a combination study/ritual/worship group.

The idea will be that people who contribute to the Order can go on to experience the Mysteries if they so desire, or assist in developing further the curriculum and requirements for each Order. Either way only those who contribute will be counted among our ranks. I will not be requiring people to write books or get PhDs, but I will note if people join and sit around doing nothing while taking credit for just being in the organization.

If you have any interest in the above for either or both gods, please let me know either here or via email.

Edit: I'll be using the following public lists for each of the Orders until the first initiates for each have gone through the first stage:

Once there are people who have gone through the first stage, I'll create a separate emailing list for each and will continue the first stage on these lists for anyone who is interested who wasn't able to do it before or wasn't on the list prior.
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As asked on one of the lists:

> >"So what's the point of following the Gods anyway ?" or if you prefer:
> >"Why bother to follow Apollo ?"

A very good question. I can answer this with the same response I gave Apollo when he first came to me: "Why not?"

That was when I took the first leap of faith and gave him a chance in my life. After that came the real reasons, for which I am eternally grateful: when I commune with the gods, I feel the most "me". I feel like I have a taste of what it's finally like to be at home in my soul. Not sure how else to put it other than that.

I have noticed one thing, however: the further away I get from myself, the further away I get from my gods. If I deny myself, I cut off access to the part of me that can perceive them--in other words, my truest self.
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People have been wanting me to post about what the heck I've been doing these days (that and wanting to see less rants, I'm sure ;>), so....

These days I've gotten back into my Tai Chi and yoga classes plus exercising on my eliptical. Eventually I'll work meditation into that, as I've been really wanting to do more than a few minutes each week. I used to do this sort of thing for 30 minutes before bedtime. I can't help but think I could spend less time online and more time actually doing that.

Those are my "Apollo" activities. For my "Dionysos" activity, I plan to eventually do something which I swore I wouldn't do, and make up my own damned mind afterwards. He has a lovely way of getting you to never say never. We'll see. For other activities, there's going out to goth clubs, doing trance work, and whatever he has planned for me this particular second.

For Hermes, well...I have my continuous Golden Dawn work. :)

Overall my schedule's been crowded with work from home crap. Very much looking forward to that being over.

Right now I'm reading Charles Stein's "Persephone Unveiled" and it's an excellent read. I may be converted to the whole Dionysos=Hades thing yet. We'll see.
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This list has been dead for a while but I just woke it up with a few nifty ideas to tackle as group work/discussion, including going over the Homeric and Orphic hymns to Apollo and such.

I think that it could finally give the list the kick it needs. It was a really active list for a while then got kinda quiet.

Link for the curious:
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Actually, some really intriguing discussion is coming out of all of this. Here's some snippets from my replies:

The way I see it, saying that Apollo advises people to be moderate in
all things, know thyself, et cetera is saying that the god advocates
virtue. And in the next breath, we aren't to look to the gods for
virtue at all.

So, is it pick and choose what we like to hear from the gods and
ignore the rest? Again, I'm just looking for clarification here
because I see many contradictions in people's viewpoints.


I believe that the gods were depicted as being petty and cruel by
people who placed blame on the gods on their own lives exhibiting
pettiness and cruelty. I also think that people place WAY too much
blame on the gods for their own foibles and problems in their own
life, and I think that's where much of the "petty god tales" come

more... )
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Here's a story I love:

To many Greeks, Apollo the Bright One, the Lord of the Silver Bow, was the most admirable of the gods. Apollo personified knowledge, beauty, and perfection. He was perpetually young, perpetually handsome, and wise without being dull. He advised humans to be moderate in all things, even though he himself sometimes got carried away in passionate love affairs. In fact, once his twin sister, Artemis, confronted him about this: "You're always talking about moderation," she said, "yet you're always falling passionately in love."

With a laugh, Apollo replied: "I teach moderation in all things - including moderation."
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People are apparently preferring to raise a stink over the ULC thing versus my new name.

I love it!

When I get home I'm going to look into Cherry Hill Seminary for priesthood training. I've heard of them and seen their stuff for years but haven't been able to do anything with them--and they seem to be pretty reputable. If I wait for Hellenic training like everyone else is (and I did) it'll be ages before I can accomplish anything worthwhile.

So, fuck it. Doing it all on my own and bulldozing through.
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Are there any clergy training courses out there? If not correspondence then local to Boston? I'd obviously be looking for something of the generic Pagan variety.


Jan. 2nd, 2007 06:25 pm
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I'm officially ordained by the ULC as of 1/1/07 and finally tweaked this page:

I like the idea of people donating to charities in His name versus paying me money. If they cheat the god, it's on their conscience.
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Of course, it's the one name I've been holding back on because of all of the recons it'd piss off. Which may be just the reason to do it. ;)


There have been thousands over the centuries, sometimes three at a time. And it's strongly associated with Apollo.

Why not?

New name.

Jan. 2nd, 2007 01:55 pm
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I need a new name to be known under for the divination servies that I will be providing. I've long left Kyrene behind and I can't go under my real name--I need a certain amount of protection from that given the sort of companies I work for. Myste Epoptes is great but not pronouncable. Bluerose just isn't in the least bit appropriate.

Not sure what to do. :/
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Say you had a dream in which you were instructed by the gods to build an oracle. How would you do it?

Let's assume you didn't take any funny pills and you're pretty sure that based on various other details that the dream is legit and get that question out of the way. How would one go about building an oracle in this day and age?

Come on, put on your thinking caps! :D
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I'll be honest--after my local Hellenic group exploded and I spent time recovering from the hell I went through being subjected to all of their shit, I stopped celebrating the Hellenic holidays. I put up an olive branch last year on my door--I think during the Pusnepsia for the eiresone--but that was essentially it. I've done my usual offerings and libations and what-not throughout the year, but the only real festivals I've done so far have been a solitary New Moon ritual for Hekate, a Thelemic version of the Samhain festival, the equinoxes, and a Festival of Hekate.

Hekate's REALLY been present these days--glad she's got an altar by the door of my bedroom now. :)

I'm not even certain what I would celebrate if I did. There are very few Athenian festivals that grab me: Anthesteria, Thargelia, Rural Dionysia maybe. I like the idea of honoring secular holidays and the solistices and equinoxes in a Hellenic fashion--I really don't want to create my own holidays out of thin air, and I think aspects of the Pagan wheel of the year make sense to me. At the very least I think that the solistices and equinoxes speak to me. The changing of the seasons always affects me on some profound level.

Festivals came about due to local customs and actual meaning, and were localized to a particular city or town. The winter time has always meant Dionysos to me, while the summer has always meant Apollo. The equinoxes have always made me think of Demeter and Persephone. So perhaps those would be good places to begin. New moons for Hekate, Samhain for Persephone and other chthonic deities, Beltaine for Aphrodite. I think full moons would be a great time to honor Artemis and/or Diana.

Cycles of nature are timeless, and I need Dionysos to keep me warm during the cold New England winters. Brr.


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